About Gardener

Helping the Gardener

Daily gardening activities in our home and office environments are quite often neglected. Gardener, an app running on the phone, helps un with the efficient management of our gardens. It can help any hobbyist or professional, manage his/her flowers and plants, regardless of size and numbers.

Application's objectives

The "Gardener" app helps us to manage any garden, by combining task logging functionality and photo album generation. It keeps full track of the work done along with records of the flowers planted and their progress.  Also, it allows the planning of future tasks like pruning, fertilizing and even watering, by issuing reminders in due dates.

You can browse the images i) per garden, and ii) per flower:


Every time you plant a new flower, you can instantly make a note out of it. The app keeps the name, planting date and notes of the event. Optionally you may add a picture. As the plant grows, you can add notes of blooming dates and pictures. In time, other plants will be added and removed, giving a timeline and a log of the garden.

Here are some screenshots of the Gardener and the settings window.

The app displays sunrise and sunset times, so that you can arrange the watering schedule. As a plus, information about the day duration and the position where the sun rises are given.

Reminders of tasks that have been scheduled are triggered in a user specified time. 

The main screen offers a three day weather forecast for your location.

The functionality and the layout has been designed in order to increase usability